Academia- Fifty-four


2008  First Avanti Design Awards

2008  First Avanti Awards Night

2009  First Aurora Creative Writing Awards

2009  Second Avanti Awards

2009  Cum Laude, The Scholarly Evening Post

2009  Stellar Scholars Radio

2010  Second Aurora Awards

2010  First Avanti Awards Design Commission

2011  First Stellar Novellas (Star High Chronicles I & II)

2011  Second Avanti Awards Commission

2012  Star High Trilogy Completed

2012  First Stellar Scholars Puzzles (GAMES Magazine)

2013  Year of the Library:  A Stellar Place

2013  Wilderness Golf:  1st Stellar Vision Film/Video Award

2014  StellarMuse:  Treasury of Quality Short Fiction

2015  Ghostriders by Don Wieland:  4th of Avanti Series

2015  Saints and Scholars:  Omnibus Satellite Website

2015  Stellar Scholars Innovation:  SiteBands Story Links

2015  Stellar Scholars 1st Vanguard Award for Best Satellite Site

2016  TimeMachines by Don Wieland:  5th of Avanti Collection

2016  WinterGrey by Don Wieland:  Finale of acclaimed Avanti Story Paintings

2016  Stellar By Starlight:  5-Minute Stories that Last Forever

2016  Stellar Romance Satellite Site for Love Stories only

2016  Cara Mia Stellar Novella by Michael Cornell

2017  Timeless by Tony Randazzo for GT Hawk/Avanti Series